Faculty in the Field with Professor Reuven Kimelman


Monday, May 15, 7:30 p.m. 
Hosted by Sarah '86 and Larry Krauss at their home in Toronto

How is a Peace Process Different from a Piece Process?

Can there be peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors who are so often in conflict with themselves? If Israel were accepted as a fellow Arab country, would the Middle East be any less conflict-ridden? 

This lecture will explore how much of the conflict revolves around internally violent, authoritarian regimes and internally peaceful, democratic ones, making the "Arab-Israeli conflict" a misnomer. After focusing on the relationship between the structure of government and the proclivity for war-making and peace-making, the lecture will explore the question of whether a Palestinian democratic state can make a difference. 

Hosted by Sarah '86 and Larry Krauss at their home in Toronto.
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