Faculty in the Field with Professor Dan Breen


Sunday, April 30, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 
Hosted by Gina '93 and Marc Gonchar '93 at their home in Bellevue, WA

The Right to Be Let Alone: Louis Brandeis and the King of the Puget Sound Bootleggers

All modern Fourth Amendment decisions stem from Justice Brandeis' famous dissent in the 1927 case of Olmstead v. United States. To this day, no one has given a more persuasive justification of our right to be free of unreasonable governmental searches and seizures. But Brandeis' memorable words would never have been written had it not been for Prohibition and the vast obstacles that prevented an overmatched federal government from cutting off the flow of alcohol into the United States. 

The story of Prohibition, and especially the colorful part Roy Olmstead played in keeping Seattle happily awash in liquor, is integral to story of Brandeis' dissent. Professor Breen will explore the world of rum-runners and speakeasies and show how that world gave rise to the dissenting opinion that, to this day, gives judges the rationale for deciding whether an amendment framed in 1791 protects our right to be secure in smartphones and e-mail.
Dan Breen is a lecturer in the legal studies program. The courses he teaches include Civil Liberties in America; The Legal Boundaries of Public and Private Life; and Louis Brandeis: Law, Business and Politics.

Hosted by Gina '93 and Marc Gonchar '93 at their home in Bellevue, WA.
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